Sophie’s Play School – Where Kids Play and Parents Connect

Since becoming a parent I have become acutely aware of the unique challenges this brave new world presents mums and dads in connecting with one another. The village that once supported us is constantly evolving, often leaving parents with no credible source of information. There are no text books that or set of instruction for children that can adequately replace the simple act of conversation with other mothers and fathers, and the online world, though providing a means of connection that is wonderfully informative, can also present significant problems when it comes to discerning what is credible and what is not.

With this in mind, Shelly Hsu designed a concept toy store that is more than meets the eye, with the downstairs level dedicated to children’s toys and the upstairs level reserved for courses and classes for both parents and children. The toy store itself stocks educational toys that are mostly wooden and designed to stimulate little minds and hands. From fully decked out toy kitchens to puzzles and car tracks, it has everything a child could dream of with an emphasis on learning and quality.


But the upstairs level is where Sophie’s Play School has a real point of difference. From cooking courses to music, arts and crafts, to story time in 5 different languages and seminars about health and wellbeing the store provides a touchstone for both parents and children and a mini community meeting place. Courses for this May include:

  • French Story Time
  • First Aid Course
  • Starting Solids Workshop
  • Dental Oral Hygeine Seminar

Sophie’s Play School provides a nurturing environment for children to develop and for mums and dads to hone their parenting skills. Shelly Hsu is passionate about positive parenting and enhancing parental knowledge not only through providing seminars and workshops with qualified professionals, but also through the simple act of communicating with other parents.

Helping parents that want to connect, kids that are itching to learn and families to connect, Sophie’s Play School combines a touch of old school charm with modern answers to the questions every parent wants to ask, and a means of traditional communication with contemporary educational tools.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Sophie’s Play School can be found online here.

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