Madhunt Designs Jewellery for Mums and Kids

I cannot count the number of times I have said to my four year old ‘THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!’ Last week, she used an entire MAC lipstick on her bedroom walls, lamp and face. The same bright red lipstick I was saving for a special occasion, probably to wear with the heels she broke the strap off the month before. (I don’t get to go out that much since having kids). I have lost count of the number of silver chains and beaded necklaces she has either broken or twisted beyond salvation. And last year my wedding ring mysteriously went missing from my jewellery box. I imagine in ten years I will find it tucked away inside one of her tiny handbags alongside a dozen hair clips and a tub of glitter.

I’ve come to accept that small children and nice jewellery just don’t mix, so I had resigned myself to  a life of dagginess until the kids are old enough that they aren’t distracted by shiny things.

And then I discovered Madhunt Designs.

Madhunt Designs Silicone Jewellery and Teething Toys were developed for mums and their fashion conscious children. The versatile silicone design is stylish, light weight, easy to care for and child proof. Not only are the designs hardy, but silicone does not support the growth of bacteria or mould, so they are safe for kids to wear. Madhunt pieces are a great option for mums with teething toddlers, and come with a breakaway clasp so there is no choking or strangulation risk.

Each piece is easily washable in warm soapy water and is also dishwasher/ washing machine safe.

Last week I wore the Octagonal Bangle in White to a work conference and the Small Bead Necklace in Summer Blue is perfect for everyday wear. My daughter loves the Lilly Round Beads Kids Necklace in pink (of course). I am no longer daggy at school pick up, nor am I spending money on jewellery that will inevitably be destroyed by an enthusiastic mini fashionista. Instead, I sport a little Madhunt flair every day.

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