You Know You Are a Preemie Mum When…

1) The skin on your hands are peeling from constant washing and sanitizing.
2) You pray for and celebrate a pooey nappy
3) You count your baby’s weight in grams
4) Hospital staff such as receptionists, cafe workers, car park attendants know you by name
5) Wearing clothes for the first time is an accomplishment for your baby
6) You hesitate when someone asks your baby’s age but can tell them in exact grams what they weigh
7) The NICU/SCN nurses see you more then your family
8) Acronyms are apart of your everyday lingo (NICU, SCN, NG, Dsats, Cpap)
9) You have a better chance of finding clothes for your baby from build a bear then a clothing shop
10) You’ve acquired a taste for hospital food
11) The statement ‘breast feeding is simple and natural’ makes you laugh or cry
12) You always change your baby by putting a nappy underneath the old one before taking it off
13) Hearing the sound of your baby cry is beautiful not annoying
14) You know what ‘bilirubin’ is
15) Your uncomfortable when you take your baby home and don’t know there heart rate, respiration rate or o2 levels
16) When you see a full term baby and think that baby is huge
17) When your baby is out of the incubator and into an open cot for the first time is a massive milestone
18) When you know who kindest nurses are
19) When you know how to get things working before the nurse comes
20) When you can change a nappy and clothes through 2 tiny portholes
21) When you get discharged from birth and can’t take your baby home with you
22) It makes you annoyed when someone complains about going over their due date
23) When you express 8ml of liquid gold (breast milk) and that’s enough for 1 feed
24) When you feel like crying cause your baby’s bruised heals need another heal prick

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