Not for Watercooler Conversations

There are some conversations that are strongly discouraged in our society. When it comes to topics such as politics, vaccination, and sexual assault we shy away from robust discussion. This is the part of The Online Watercooler that breaks dinner party rules and discusses the taboo.

Violence and Crime***When Mercy and Hope Are Lost**Why I Stand for Mercy**Monsters Live in the Dark – Why Don’t You Just Leave?**Who Is Emannuel Sithole and Why Should We Know His Name?**Rape, Intimate Partner Violence and the Too Hard Basket**Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive***Science Vs Conspiracy***Let’s Talk About Vaccination**Vaccination – The Referenced Facts**The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories***Politics***A Budget Reply from a Frustrated Voter**Legacy of a Liberal Liberalist***Sport**Sports Fans Unite!**What’s Wrong With Jazz Hands Anyway?

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